About us

INFRA Resolutions was founded by a pair of Engineers with broad skill sets who shared a passion for solutions architecture. They realized a demand for greater functionality, more efficient workflow, faster communications, and troubleshooting of severe issues. This demand for a “super vendor” started becoming more of a need rather than a dream. The vision was to create a start to finish solution which was scalable, customizable, and most importantly cost effective.The end result was INFRA Resolutions, Inc.

INFRA Resolutions was originally created as a solution to the expensive “FTE” (Full-time employee) of a typical IT department. Whether that meant merely supplementing the in house staff or acting as the entire IT department, allowing companies to properly plan and budget accordingly. INFRA subsequently partnered with many strategic technology companies with established global footprints in the industry. INFRA has quickly become the distributor of the world’s largest third party OEM Hardware Maintenance, has partnered with over 60 OEM’s and are now one of North America’s largest providers of compatible network upgrades and connectivity products.

INFRA delivers a rock solid service from an enormous network of IT professionals and IT project managers. We have created core values within the company which we religiously abide by. These values are not broken promises like some larger companies. Our staff members uphold these values on a daily basis which has given us the ability to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations, project in and project out.